Mini Storage Units

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Mini Storage Units - Convenient & Affordable!

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Customers usually have two major concerns about keeping their valued possessions in mini storage units. First, they want to be certain their goods will be secure from harm. Second, they want to know how they can fit all of their things into a relatively compact space safely and efficiently.

With a modern security fence, security cameras and an electronic gate controlling access to the facility, Arden Fletcher Self Storage provides one of the most secure storage facilities in the Fletcher, NC, area. You can rest easy in the knowledge that when they are locked away in one of our mini storage units, your possessions are protected from theft and vandalism.

As for maximizing space and safety in mini storage units, the staff at Arden Fletcher Self Storage offers the following advice:

• Place Items in the Proper Order—You should always place larger items in the unit first and then arrange smaller items around them. When you are stacking boxes, the heaviest boxes should be on the bottom level and the lightest ones on the top.

• Use Empty Space in Items—Don’t let any empty space in your unit go to waste. You can always put small items inside larger, hollow items, such as dressers, wardrobes or even refrigerators.

• Protect Your Goods—Use pallets to lift boxes off the floor and plastic sheeting to shield your possessions from dust.

• Improve Accessibility—Place items you think you will need more frequently in the front of the unit so that you can easily access them, and leave small walkways between other items. Label all of your boxes clearly and stack them so that you can read the label.

At Arden Fletcher Self Storage, we’ll show you how to make the best use of your storage space and reduce the risks of damaging your items. Call us about your storage needs and concerns today.